A Night with Jamie Clark

Jamie Clark

Jamie Clark

Back by popular demand, Jamie Clark!!!

Join us Saturday, October 1, 2016 between 6:30 – 8:30pm for a Night with Jamie Clark. Come and experience the phenomenon of direct spirit contact. Jamie Clark, a natural born spirit medium, will convey needed messages from your loved ones and friends that have graduated to the other side. In this group setting, he will communicate love and information that will heal your soul. Many people gain insight and closure to unresolved issues as well as receive information about possible upcoming events in their lives.

*Individual readings are not guaranteed in this group setting.* Enjoy a special evening of reuniting with your loved ones.

Length: 2 hours.
Location: LaQuinta Inns & Suites, 4499 E State Route 69, Prescott AZ.

Reserve Your Spot and Buy Your Ticket in Advance!!!! $35 per person

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Jamie Clark

Jamie Clark

Born in Sandusky, Ohio, Jamie had signs early in life that he would some day be helping people with his remarkable talents. As a child, he was concerned about being different from others with what was going on in his mind.

With the guidance of his mother, Elaine, also a gifted medium, they began to research and explore the depth of Jamie’s emerging talents.Through years of studying and a series of profound revelations, Jamie discovered that he had the gift of psychic intuition and could also communicate messages and feelings between people living and those who have left this physical plane of existence. In other words, he can communicate with those we have loved and lost. Now, with thousands of powerful connections made worldwide and years of experience as his guide, Jamie offers this healing phenomenon to those who need it most; people searching for life direction and guidance, as well as those seeking answers and closure from family and friends that have passed.

How My Mediumship Works

Triangulation of communication. Each of us is like a radio tuner. We have the ability to tune into many different channels. Before I read someone, I tune into our loved ones channel and send out an invitation of communication with you. Our souls are like finger prints in the way that each of us is unique. Our loved ones know our soul print, and by my invitation and their realization, they now create a triangle of communication. Me to them, them to you, and you to me. They know that I am “on” and are receptive and will sometimes come early to understand my rules and regulations and how most effectively to communicate. Now that we are all on the same channel, we work together as a team.

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Email: insight@jamieclark.net
Phone: 623.986.6789
Website: jamieclark.net