Spirit in Motion Expo is a Spirit led group of 3 empowered women, coming together. The intent is to expand the spiritual awareness and community of Prescott, AZ and the area. We are excited to have a variety of vendors and talent from the holistic, spiritual and wellness areas be a part of the Spirit in Motion Expo.

Meet the trio:

Spirit in Motion Expo Trio

Spirit in Motion Expo Trio

Maggie Norton  / 928.710.6674

Sue Broome / 608.239.9026

Liz Johnson / 480.272.3205


Spirit guided the trio together to bring the Spirit in Motion Expo to Prescott. This area has such a wonderful spiritual community and this is another way to bring those like minded together for a day of growth, learning, joy, fun and spiritual expansion.

If you are interested in being one of the talents, go to the Vendor Registration page to download the registration form.

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