Angelique Clarke

Angelique Clarke

Angelique Clarke

Angelique  Clarke– I am a natural Healer, Psychic & Medium with many healing modalities. Registered and certified with the ability to see, hear, feel & know. Beginning at a very young age I began to experience psychic dreams, spirits & visions. It was not until my early twenties that I began hearing spirits. As I grew more into my abilities, I could see colors of the aura around the human body and, had the ability of just knowing.

I love my work and my greatest joy is being able to be the vessel, for spirit. This allows me to open up and surrender with my heart, to step aside for a loved one to come through, or insight to where you are in this moment and, what is to possibly come.

“May you continue to love, grow, live and be happy! Every day is a new opportunity to experience you, in your glory. Be the light that you already are; become like the sun and shine brightly.”

Blessings to you…

Phone: 480.335.8236



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