Aziz Patel

Aziz Patel - Founder Living Springs

Aziz Patel – Founder Living Springs

Aziz Patel is the founder of Living Springs.  He has been studying water technologies for over 10 years with a specific interest in naturally structured water.  More specifically, hydration.  His goal with Living Springs is to bring water back to its nature intended state prior to the industrial age.  The technology behind Living Springs was developed for the single interest of detoxifying and cleansing the body by intracellular hydration.  Aziz has been providing Pristine Mountain Spring  water for the Sedona community.

Living Springs offers personal water structuring products for on-the-go, under the sink, or whole house systems for every faucet in the house. Living Springs is in collaboration with many large scale agricultural and industrial projects around the world with plans to create a global shift in awareness about how we think about living water and its benefits.

Website: LivingSpringsWater

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