Bernadette O’Dell

Bernadette O'Dell

Bernadette O’Dell

Bernadette O’Dell is an Intuitive Counselor. Her Intuitive Counseling sessions help clients work on specific personal concerns so that a breakthrough is possible. Her intuitive abilities bring her clients to a greater level of insight, inner peace and sense of direction.

Bernadette’s practice is built on the ideology that anything that a Psychic or Intuitive reveals to their clients is coming from a place that anyone can access for themselves. She shows others that there is no mystery to what we can do, just a matter of self-awareness.

She continues to learn and teach on all manner of Spiritual topics including, Reiki, Dowsing, Meditation, Angel Cards, Numerology, Hypnotherapy and as a Career and Relationship Intuitive and Grief Counselor.

Phone: 928.541.0962


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