Eve Alton

Eve Alton

Eve Alton

Eve is a grief facilitator and intuitive/ medium. She developed a workshop entitled Trans-clay-mation using clay and meditation to help guide people through their grief in a safe environment. She has combined art therapy and meditation along with listening and offering tools for them to use on their journey to healing grief and bringing more joy into their lives. The mediumship helps Eve connect clients to their loved ones. As she connects with them she conveys messages they want to share.

Eve retired after 35+ years as a pediatric/adult oncology and hospice nurse. She took all the years of knowledge and experience along with clay therapy and developed this workshop. She has been aware of being able to connect with people who have passed since she was quite young, along with intuitive abilities. Eve has a passion for guiding people through grief to help release the pain and embrace what lies beyond.

The workshops are either one on one or small groups of 2, 3 or 4. A very safe and loving environment is provided.

Blessings, Eve

Email: EveAlton@gmail.com
Phone: 602.448.7490
Website: EveAlton.weebly.com

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