Flagstaff October Workshops


10:00 – Jane SeyboldAre you interested in learning more about how to develop your own psychic abilities?

Join Jane for an interactive, hands on class! Experience basic energy work, meditation and learn about the “clair’s.” You will have the opportunity to give and receive readings from fellow students in a safe setting while having fun exploring your own gifts.

11:00 – Karyn DianeIt’s All About the Energy

“It’s all about the Energy” promises to be a relaxing and joy filled workshop- meditation. Karyn Diane creates a truly amazing and powerful transcendent healing experience with the vibrations and sounds of the crystal bowls and gongs.

You know that feeling you get after a thunder storm has cleared. The sky seems brighter, the air is fresher.  There is renewed energy with clear vision and insight. A wonderful feeling of joy and expectancy arrives, like when you are on the edge of birthing and idea.

Let, Karyn Diane guide you to that place in your heart, where that clear vision exists. Be in the state of expectancy, fully awake, for it is your Divine birthright.

Come, enjoy. Let the Magic Happen!!!

Noon – Sandy Sue Rector – How to increase and balance your spiritual energ-chi using sound and color.

1:00 – Marilyn Poscic – Angels Simplified

Want to know what Angels are in your life? Do you ever see flashes of light or hear a song for no apparent reason? Would you like to learn how to understand and connect with Them easily? Are you curious how They can connect with you? Do you need help with health, wealth, relationships, career, and trusting your own “gut” feelings.

Join nationally know Angel Messenger/Medium/Teacher/Author, Marilyn Poscic, as she explains in an easy to understand manner, the hierarchy of the Spiritual Realm, names of different Angels, Their purpose, the signs They show us, and how you can communicate easier no matter your religious or spiritual back round to make your life happier and finding that inner guidance and peace.

2:00 – Treyce Montoya –

Did you know that EVERYTHING someone else has said (or done) to you that has impacted you psychologically, physically, and emotionally is contained in THIS one letter? Since the age of just 3 years old, these “people from the past” (their words and actions) are STILL with you in this letter. Every time you write this letter to-date it can re-victimize your subconscious which can then lead to detours or total derailments in your life!?

For example, are you:

* sick of things not turning out like you hoped?
* sick of feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, or like something is missing?
* struggling with anger, guilt, shame, depression, anxiety, resentment, forgiveness, and more?
* wondering why you went to college or have been in a career that you were never interested in and, if you could go back, would not choose this field?
* struggling to figure out your “life purpose”?
* tired of attracting the “wrong” people – whether business or personal?
* feeling ill or lethargic but nothing is “medically wrong”?

If so, the CULPRIT is most likely in your CAPITAL I. This one, extremely powerful letter not only shows relationships with your parents but also personality traits about you, how you feel about men and women in general, and how you feel about yourself.

YES – this one simple letter is more powerful than you think and the amount of information gathered from it may shock you.

Curious for more?

Join my presentation and find out how to become the ENGINEER of your own “i-Train of life” while unloading the residual effects of the past once and for all.

3:00 – Jamie Clark  – The spirit world is real and co-exists with us in this physical reality of life. Our loved ones that have crossed are often our guides and supporters as we attempt to work through the obstacles that come up in our lives. Sometimes we are not aware of their spiritual presence and ability to help us, and we struggle with our daily choices that ultimately make up our life’s path. Jamie has the ability to connect you with your loved ones by being able to interpret the feelings and images they impress upon him. Jamie can communicate the information and messages they want you to know, with remarkably detailed accuracy. Because the spirit world has no physical boundaries, neither does Jamie’s ability to connect with them. The information can be astounding, enlightening and life changing.

4:00 – Aziz Patel – Founder of Living Springs

Join Aziz as he will be talking about the health benefits of structured water and the science behind it how it differs from ordinary tap. alkaline or filtered water. He will be explaining how structured water goes beyond “water purification” by helping re-activate the hydrogen atom at the molecular level, making it more bio-available. In the natural water cycle of the Earth, known as the hydrologic cycle, water moves in a continuous movement from the oceans, through the atmosphere and back to the Earth. On its way back down water travels through a damaged and contaminated atmosphere, encountering heavy metals, radiation, and a variety of pollutants; including EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies from electrical and magnetic technologies…cellphone towers, WiFi, etc.) and bio-engineered climate control contaminates. Thus, almost all water is damaged by contaminates and lacks vitality and life-force.

Similar to what transpires in nature, Living Springs™ mineral ore’s function through resonate frequencies broadcast to the water molecules, creating an effect by activating the electrical charges of the hydrogen atom. These resonating frequencies transmit at a particular wavelength and cause changes to occur to the chemical structure or bonds of the water molecules. The mineral ores continuously resonate these frequencies or wavelengths producing a buffering or balancing reaction to water and thus bringing water back to the way nature intends. Pure living spring water in its pristine state.

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