Harry Kroner

Harry Kroner

Harry Kroner

Harry is a leading expert in past life regression, soul healing, and deep emotional healing. He recently relocated to Prescott AZ and opened the New Awareness Institute. Teaching spiritual advancement, personal growth, and deep healing. Harry is the Founder of Life Achieved  and creator of cutting edge programs such as; freedom from anxiety, Deep Personal Healing, and Emotional Wisdom & Self Mastery. 

He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts in Psychology, and received extensive training in spiritual hypnotherapy, energy psychology, life coaching, NLP, energy healing, and  Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy.

Harry helped thousands of individuals reach a brighter, lighter, and wiser version of themselves. Helping many bring peace into their lives in his office, and around the world through phone and Skype sessions. Conducts workshops and seminars to groups, bringing his teachings, healing processes, personal growth, and insight to many more. He is a co-author in the book The Change 3, and author of the upcoming book Freedom from Anxiety.

Email: harry@lifeachieved.com
Phone: 928.248.8372
Websites: OrionsGateway.com / LifeAchieved.com / NewAwarenessInstitute.com

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