Jade Daniels

Jade Daniels

Jade Daniels

JADE DANIELS, Owner of BodySense Massage and Daniels Institute of Massage & the Healing Arts

As a sought after Master Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher for the last 33 years, Jade has worked with thousands of seekers who want to change their lives. Her greatest joy is to open the doors of the spiritual world and let the light shine for her clients to heal old wounds, remove blocks, retrieve parts of their soul left behind, get in touch with past or future lives, get a greater understanding of those around them, heart from guides or loved ones who have crossed over, open their creativity or are just plain curious.

Jade is the teacher of teachers….her students have gone on to be Yoga, T’ai Chi, Massage Therapy and Healing teachers.  If you are ready to know your soul purpose, the Genesis reading will allow you that opportunity. If you are ready to live a magical, miraculous life full of joy, prosperity and capable of handling life’s challenges….come, let’s talk.

Email: jademassage@msn.com
Phone: 540.597.5722
Website: BodySenseDaySpa.net & DanielsInstitute.net



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