Jane Seybold

Jane Seybold

Jane Seybold

Jane Seybold is a Psychic, Certified Evidential Medium, National Spiritualist Teacher, Ordained Minister, Level 1, 2 Reiki Practitioner & Medical Intuitive who assists people from all walks of life who are seeking insight and looking for practical guidance to make their lives better.

In a Psychic reading Jane will start by “tuning in” and telling you what she is picking up energetically. She will look at your past to see what has taken place, what is currently going on, and what will likely manifest in your near future.

In a Mediumistic reading, Jane works with her guides to bring you messages from loved ones in the Spirit World. She will begin by linking with your loved one as she strives to provide you proof that your loved one is really communicating with you. This can consist of a physical description of the person, their personality, how they transitioned, names, fond memories, where they lived, family members, birthdays or anniversaries.

Email: info@janeseybold.com

Phone: 480.309.0663
Website: JaneSeybold.com


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