Karen M Winkelman

Karen M Winkelman

Karen M Winkelman

Mystic, Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker and Writer

Karen skillfully blends intuition, wisdom and metaphysical and spiritual teachings with practical guidance, compassion and humor. Her no BS approach empowers healers, holistic practitioners, creatives and heart-centered professionals to get unstuck, get out of their own way, take back their power, and allow their light to shine. She’s on a mission to teach others to love and accept themselves “as is.”

A wise, passionate and expressive teacher and speaker, Karen is a lifelong student of metaphysics. Her diverse training, sense of humor and practical approach to spirituality permeates everything she does.

Karen is a mystic, mentor, spiritual teacher, speaker, and writer. She is able to connect with other realms of existence. Her Spiritual Toolbox includes: past life guidance, numerology, certified master hypnotist, past life regressions & spiritual hypnosis, intuitive, psychic, medium, healer, Reiki master, metaphysics, spiritual counseling, Tarot/Oracle cards, astrology, energy work, and animal communication. Karen pulls from all these areas when working with people.

Karen is available for private consultations, classes/workshops and speaking engagements. You can learn more about her and her services and read her blog on her website www.TheLifeCraftingGuide.com. She also posts monthly videos on the energy forecast for the month.

Email: Karen@LifeCraftingGuide.com
Phone: 623.243.7377
Website: www.TheLifeCraftingGuide.com
Facebook: facebook.com/karen.m.winkelman.lifecrafting & facebook.com/karen.m.winkelman
Google+: google.com/+KarenWinkelman

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