Karyn Diane

Karyn Diane

Karyn Diane

 Unleash Your Healing Potential – Sound Vibrations for Higher Awareness with Gong Master Karyn Diane 

Karyn Diane CHT is an accomplished Gong Master performing sacred tones improvisation/Gong Baths with guided imagery. She facilitates a truly amazing and powerful transcendent healing experience with the sounds, vibrations, and tones of the gongs and crystal bowls.

Karyn Diane has zeal, a passion for the healing arts and is gifted in a variety of modalities. In 2010, she was blessed with the privilege of completing Gong workshops under the direction of Gong Master Don Conreaus. His teachings inspire her work and service today. She performs Gong Baths, Sound Healing Sessions and Lectures at healing centers, yoga studios, fairs, expos, churches, private homes and corporate venues.

The captivating sounds, vibrations, textures of languages and tones have forever fascinated Karyn Diane. In the course of her life, the opportunities to travel to spiritual and ancient sites

in Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Hawaii and the Truck Islands manifested. During her travels she  experienced the richness of the vibrations, sounds and tones of Gongs, bells, bowls and many other percussion instruments. When the ancient musical instrument, Gong is struck with a soft mallet, it creates the vibration and sound of OM, the universal language. OM is the bridge between the Finite and the Infinite. The science behind spiritualism, the vibration and frequency of wholeness is the voice of Gong.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of Energy,
 Frequency and Vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

Concentrate on a tone, and in it you may discover the secret of “being”
and find “the inner voice” of the Self   ~ Dane Rudhyar

 As you are bathed in the oceanic waters of the tones of the gong and crystal bowls, you are guided into a deep state of awareness and relaxation. It is in this quantum field of higher awareness  the brain wave patterns go from the Beta (waking state) to Theta and Delta Meditative) states and the body’s natural healing process begins.

We are living in the most auspicious times. There is great opportunity to lead to a quantum change of peace, joy and oneness for humanity. The time is NOW to fully wake up and step into your full potential and begin living your Dreams. You are more powerful than you know! You’re invited to come, relax, bathed in the ocean of continuum tones, and vibration of the GONG!

Travel into the great void and discover your truth!

I am the Bubble. Make me the Sea!” ~Yogi Paramahanasa Yogananda

Karyn Diane CHT, Gong Master, Author, Speaker, Visionary, Intuitive-Medium, Founder of Gypsy Trader Crystal Studio, Aura Photographer and a Former Aerospace Engineer.


Email: karyndianekish@aol.com
Phone: 602.315.6364
Facebook: facebook.com/karyndiane.kish

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