Melanie Banayat

Melanie Banayat

Melanie Banayat

Coach / Author / Speaker / Artist / Teacher / Workshop Facilitator

Melanie has been a certified holistic health coach since 2010, a professional artist for over 30 years, a business and marketing educator for fine art students at Prescott College, a business and marketing coach for women entrepreneurs, a small group facilitator for parent intensive workshops since 2010, and the author of the award winning book ‘Stretch Your Brave Hack Your Story’, which features many of her original artworks that illustrate her own unmasking process as well as case studies of clients she has worked with through the years..

Melanie is a highly sensitive, empathic, storytelling facilitator who helps women dig in, get real, and unmask their authenticity. At live events you can expect her to be slightly inappropriate (for effect), meaning it’s likely you may hear a curse word (or three) strategically used, so be prepared.

After experiencing 40 years of physical and emotional abuse in toxic relationships Melanie feels called to support women (and a few brave men) on their own healing journeys, where they can feel comfortable in their own skin and experience deep and meaningful connections.

Phone: 928.239.5656
Facebook: and
Melanie’s book: Stretch Your Brave Hack Your Story available on Amazon

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