Mother Pearl Justice

Mother Pearl Justice

Mother Pearl Justice

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Mother Pearl Barbara Justice aka Mother Pearl

Hello Everyone! From birth, I was given the gift of ‘Soul Walking’, passed on to me through my African & Native Indian bloodline. I am an Empath, an Advanced Intuitive, an Ordained Minister, a mixed media ‘Soul Expressions’ Artist, a Conscious Channel for Spirit and a Trance Medium. At the Expo, I am offering ‘Matters of the Heart Soul Card Readings’. Together, we will explore what matters most to you, while embracing the truth you carry in your heart. Your soul will be deeply touched with the light and inspiration of Unconditional Love, gaining a greater understanding of who you are today.

Trained in Cognitive Behavior, I specialize in Personal Growth as a Life Coach for individuals and Professional Presentation & Effective Communication Development as an Executive Coach for corporate executives and entrepreneurs, who desire tools for work/life/spirit balance. I am also known as The Relationship Oracle™, offering seminars, a relationship mystery school and/or private coaching for couples and for individuals who want to enhance their relationship with themselves and/or others.

Come by my booth for a Reading and a Hug! I’ll be so glad to ‘see’ you! 

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Phone: 928.254.1588


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