Mozelle Martin

Mozelle Martin

Mozelle Martin

For nearly 30 years, Mozelle Martin has been a powerful voice in the fields of spirituality & mental health. With multiple degrees in Forensic Psychology, she is an international speaker, therapist and author. By combining the tools of her personal journey with her education and professional skills, she is honored to offer you some powerful signature programs to help you shine in your awesomeness!

Education: MA – Forensic Psychology, Doctorate – Eastern Psychology, Doctorate – Spiritual Counseling, and Certified Life Coach.

In addition to 14 years of education and 30 years working in the forensic mental health field, Mozelle was born with many abilities including clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairessence. Growing up with decades of trauma starting as a toddler, she had endured repeated emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual abuse mostly at the hands of her adopted parents. As an adoptee and only child in an alcoholic, belittling, and violent household, she always felt lost and disconnected – as if pieces of her were missing. While living in a haunted 1800’s hotel during her childhood and teen years, her wealthy parents tried to force her to ignore her spiritual gifts; yet, as a young girl, she secretly groomed them.​ As a result, she was torn between societal expectations & the deep need for personal freedom. Soon after, she recognized a higher calling & broke free from all limitations.

Success runs in Mozelle’s DNA; she is cousins with Thomas Edison, Angelina Jolie, Elon Musk, Henry David Thoreau, Stephen King, Johnny Depp, B.F. Skinner, and many more. Because success runs in her DNA, Mozelle is driven to provide her worldwide clients with very powerful and successful options for healing… and, for decades, she has. She is very grateful to have helped thousands around the world and will continue to do so for people just like you. How? By infusing her products and services with her powerful tools. By bridging forensics, psychology, and spirituality she can help assist you on your powerful journey inward and help you release limiting beliefs, increased authenticity and spiritual awareness, as well as personal freedom, inner peace, and wholeness. 

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