Prescott April 2016 Workshops


We will have wonderful speakers offering workshops every hour of the Expo. Information will continue to get updated.

10:00 – Jane Seybold – Evidence of Spirit Communication

Is there a way to initiate contact with a loved one who has passed or do I have to wait for them to make contact? Yes, you can absolutely communicate with your loved ones! Join Jane as she discusses use of the pendulum, Orbs and provides evidence of Spirit Communication.


11:00 – Angelique ClarkeConquering Depression, Anxiety and the Shadow self

The BEST Healer is YOU…

Struggling with depression and lack of happiness? Not having an outlet to release anxieties/fears? Wondering why others are not affected in the same manner? Why you never seem to get a break in life? There is help!  Believe it, the BEST Healer is YOU! We will talk about the cause and effect of what we say, how we can change the pattern from a negative to a positive. We begin by learning to trust our hearts, not our thoughts, allowing love to guide us to becoming who we truly are.


12:00 – Expo Trio – Liz Johnson, Maggie Norton & Sue Broome – How can your Aura change after a Healing with the Angels Session? – a demonstration with audience participation! 

Join Liz Johnson – Aura Photographer and Interpreter, Sue Broome – Angel Card Reader and Energy Healer, and Maggie Norton – Healing Arts Practitioner & Spiritual Counselor for a unique Workshop on energy healing, auras and guided meditation. A lucky member of the audience will be selected randomly to be the demo person. There will be an initial Aura Photo and interpretation done. Following will be a demonstration of a Healing with the Angels Session by Sue while Maggie holds space with the rest of the audience in a healing meditation. A second Aura Photo will be done after the meditation and healing session for the lucky member. See the before and after Aura Photos and see how the power of a Healing with the Angels Session can change your life and most definitely your Aura!!!

1:00 – Karyn Diane – It’s All About the Energy

“It’s all about the Energy” promises to be a relaxing and joy filled workshop- meditation. Karyn Diane creates a truly amazing and powerful transcendent healing experience with the vibrations and sounds of the crystal bowls and gongs.

You know that feeling you get after a thunder storm has cleared. The sky seems brighter, the air is fresher.  There is renewed energy with clear vision and insight. A wonderful feeling of joy and expectancy arrives, like when you are on the edge of birthing and idea.

Let, Karyn Diane guide you to that place in your heart, where that clear vision exists. Be in the state of expectancy, fully awake, for it is your Divine birthright.

Come, enjoy. Let the Magic Happen!!!


2:00 – Harry KronerConnecting and integrating with your higher-self

In this lecture Harry will explore how to further connect with higher and higher versions of yourself and the methods he uses and teaches, to integrate them into your body, mind, and daily living.

3:00 – Kris Vaughan – ABC’s of Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine may seem like a new concept but it’s actually the oldest form of medicine on the planet. Kris Vaughan, Certified Clinical Herbalist, takes you through the basics of using this traditional form of medicine at home with your own family. Learn why herbs work and the special connection they have with the body. You will also discover a few simple remedies you can begin to use at home right away.
Kris Vaughan teaches Herbal Medicine classes at Yavapai College and in her office in Prescott Valley. She is also a practicing clinical herbalist and the manufacturer of Herban Evolution traditional herbal remedies.
4:00 – Rima Thundercloud – Sacred drum medicine healing of the heart.

Almost all cultures honor the sound of the drum. All Living  things within the womb hear the beat of the Mothers heart. In native culture the drum is referred to as ” mother earths” heart beat. In this workshop Rima will sing and teach traditional songs. She will share her knowledge of drum making. Drums will be available for participants.