Prescott – October 2016 Workshops

We will have wonderful speakers offering workshops every hour of the Expo. Information will continue to get updated.

10:00 – Kris Vaughan – A Spiritual Journey through the World of Herbs

Experience an herbal tea tasting and connect intuitively to the message of the plants. Herbs heal our bodies on a spiritual and emotional level as well as in the physical realm. They are healers and teachers with wisdom to impart on those who ask for it and then stop to LISTEN. This interactive workshop will allow you to use your intuitive gifts to form a loving and healing relationship with plants.

Kris Vaughan, CH is a Certified Clinical Herbalist and herbalism educator in Prescott Valley. She Is the owner of Herbal Wisdom Institute where she offers traditional herbalism education for a modern world. Along with a team of herbalism instructors, Kris offers classes for all levels of herbal interest including an herbalism certification course for those seeking to deepen their knowledge of this healing art.


11:00 – Karyn Diane – Sound Vibrations for Higher Awareness

It’s all about the Energy with Karyn Diane. She creates a truly amazing and powerful transcendent healing experience with the vibrations and sounds of the crystal bowls and gongs.

The sounds, tones and vibrations experienced during the session along with guided imagery brings one into a deep contemplative state of awareness.

These sound frequencies gently reinforces a return to a balance state of a natural harmonious resonance.

“You know that feeling you get after a thunder storm has cleared.  The sky seems brighter, the air is fresher…  there is renewed energy with clear vision and insight.  A wonderful feeling of joy and expectancy arrives, like when you are on the edge of birthing an idea.”

You’re invited you to experience a sound vibration healing meditation with Karyn Diane.  She will create the sacred space to raise the vibratory frequencies for healing and balance in body, mind and spirit. The time is NOW, so come relax and enjoy your journey! The road to higher awareness begins with only  

~ One Breath, One Heart Beat!    Make it yours! ~

See what people are saying:
– Karyn Diane’s Sound Healing touched me at a very deep level.  Her gifts are incredible!  ~Marty S.
– I could hear the choir of angels singing! ~Linda N.
– I felt like I was floating, I could see colors of blue and purple! ~Debbie Z.
– I have never experience such a powerful meditation, it took me by surprise ~Mark O.
– The session was truly amazing ~Diane S.
– Karyn Diane’s musical performance brought me to a deep contemplative state that I rarely achieve on my own. – My heart is filled with Joy! Thank you ~Peter B. –AZ


12:00 –Expo Trio – Liz JohnsonMaggie Norton & Sue Broome – How can your Aura change after a Healing with the Angels Session? – a demonstration with audience participation! 

Join Liz Johnson – Aura Photographer and Interpreter, Sue Broome – Angel Card Reader and Energy Healer, and Maggie Norton – Healing Arts Practitioner & Spiritual Counselor for a unique Workshop on energy healing, auras and guided meditation. A lucky member of the audience will be selected randomly to be the demo person. There will be an initial Aura Photo and interpretation done. Following will be a demonstration of a Healing with the Angels Session by Sue while Maggie holds space with the rest of the audience in a healing meditation.A second Aura Photo will be done after the meditation and healing session for the lucky member. See the before and after Aura Photos and see how the power of a Healing with the Angels Session can change your life and most definitely your Aura!!!


1:00 – Erin McNamara – Claiming Your Power – being your authentic self

This is your opportunity to learn how to Retrieve Lost Energy, Declare “This is Who I Am”, Walk your True Path, Take Responsibility, and Create Your World. By integrating a few simple practices into your days you can take your life in the direction you would like it to go. Join Reverend Erin McNamara as she talks about Claiming Your Power.


2:00 – Barbara Pearl Justice aka Mother Pearl – Embracing Your Crystals with Pearl-Essence Happiness!

This inspirational hour with The Relationship Oracle, who is affectionately known as Mother Pearl Justice, will be fun and uplifting, guiding your heart to expanded into a deeper relationship with your beloved crystals and gemstones. You will hear stories of the loving relationships that we humans get to have with these wonders of nature, a gift from Mother Earth herself.

And together, we will go on a meditative journey with our crystals in hand, to a place where we can rest for a few glorious moments in the

Heart Chakra of our dear Planet, and receive the love that Mother Earth has for each of us, as if she knows us by name.

Bring your favorite crystal or gemstone to this class. Each crystal attending will be activated to hold more love and extra healing energy, that we human guardians can use to benefit our lives and the lives of others.


3:00 – Lewis Tucker – Avatars Anonymous – Twelve Steps for Embracing Your Divine Self

Many of us have grown up with the belief that we are not enough and that we need to do, be and possess more to be worthy. This mistaken identity drives us to try to fill ourselves from the outside with drugs, money, relationships, sex and work to name a few. The steps of Avatars Anonymous offers us a path out of this cycle towards self love and divine expression.


4:00 – Bernadette O’Dell – How Intuitive People Think Differently

Intuition provides much more than just speedy answers to problems. Intuition is a mindset for how to approach life and the unavoidable life changes and challenges. Intuitive people think different. We will be discussing the attitudes that they adopt with examples.

We will also discuss how confidence and self-esteem contribute to a powerful intuition.