Prescott September Workshops


Saturday, September 12, 2015 Speakers

10:00am – Karen M Winkelman – What’s the deal with past lives, karma and soul mates? How do they influence your daily life?

Does the idea of Past Lives intrigue you? Do you know you’ve lived before? Is a past life influencing your present life? Do you have fears or feelings that make no sense to you? This interactive workshop may give you the answers and understanding you seek. You will learn more about:

  • Reincarnation what it is, how it works and why we choose it
  • How your past lives influence your present life
  • How to recognize the clues you get regarding past lives you’ve experienced, deal and heal Karma and Karmic relationships
  • How Free Will and Destiny work together
  • Different ways to explore your past lives

This is an interactive workshop with questions welcomed and answers given by me and Spirit Support Team. We may even have time for a couple of past life readings with willing audience members.

11:00am – Mother Pearl Justice – The Strength to Love

Does your heart ache for more love and tenderness? Do you have the strength to love, even if it’s not returned in kind? ‘A Spoonful of Love and an Ounce of Truth’ is the medicine we all need for our hearts these days. ‘THE STRENGTH TO LOVE’ workshop will fill your cup with love overflowing!

This is an Audience Participation event! Bring one question about LOVE … such as, how do I love myself more… why am I afraid of love…

Randomly selected, you may be one of the lucky ones, who will have an opportunity to ask one question of Mother Pearl, The Relationship Oracle.  She’s says: “I will only be focusing on your heart and what matters most to you, and not what’s wrong with others!”

Door Prize! Laughter! 

Noon – Joseph P Anthony – Our Changing World…and the Near Future!

By now many of us are aware that something is different, that the world we live in is changing somehow. Come join internationally renowned astrologer and psychic-medium Joseph P. Anthony as he explains the fundamental transformations of our time and the next phase of human evolution.

1:00pm – Jay CaliendoMedical Intuitive

I am a medical/health intuitive. I have no medical training, and my opinions are based solely on my intuitive ability. My readings reveal causes and suggest remedies for a variety of symptoms and illnesses and are meant to be used collaboratively with recommendations from your health care provider.  Sometimes my visions fall in line with traditional medicine and at other times alternative medicine. I will be offering readings to the audience during my presentation.

2:00pm – Sue Broome – 3 Ways to Increase the Signs from Your Loved Ones

Sue has been receiving signs and messages from her loved ones and shares her stories. Are your Loved Ones sending you signs? Do you recognize them? Learn things you can do to increase the signs you receive from your Loved Ones.

3:00pm – Rima Thundercloud – Sacred drum medicine healing of the heart.

Almost all cultures honor the sound of the drum. All Living  things within the womb hear the beat of the Mothers heart. In native culture the drum is referred to as ” mother earths” heart beat. In this workshop Rima will sing and teach traditional songs. She will share her knowledge of drum making. Drums will be available for participants.

4:00pm – Harry KronerPast Lives Healing & Beyond

Ever wondered how soul experiences from other lives are influencing your current life?

Join Harry for this experiential workshop and lecture discussing past lives and beyond. Gain deeper understanding on how we heal and grow through this process, why we live more than once, Law of cause and effect, and the lessons you are here to learn. A live experiential regression will be given to the entire audience.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015 Speakers

10:00am – Cheryln Peavler – Certified Medium/ Psychic / Palmist 

Do you realize that the size / shape / texture / formations / lines / crosses / circles, etc. ALL mean something in your hands/palms? They Tell ALL! Your Life Script, You life – Past, Present and Future IS hidden in your hands/ palms. It tells all about your life’s purpose, career, job changes, relationships, marriages, children, health, Wealth, talents and much more. This presentation with Cheryln is both informative and also entertaining … Come out and bring a Friend!

Cheryln Will be doing Intuitive – hand/palm readings at the Fair.

11:00am – Linda KavakSound Healing – Finding Inner Joy and Peace

Sound & vibration affects everyone.; the coo of a baby, watching a beautiful sunset OR driving through construction or even in traffic when you need to be somewhere by a certain time. How about being in an unhealthy relationship and repeating that scenario AGAIN! Well, these experiences produce a vibrations that affect us in many ways. Linda will help you connect to your Inner Soul by demonstration ways to learn from these experiences and shift/release these patterns that no longer serve you resulting in experiencing the blissful feeling of that gorgeous sunset or joyful coo of a baby.

She also loves working with children with disabilities & health challenged infants, crystal children and doing remote healings.

Noon – Dr Caroline O’Sullivan – Specialized Veterinary Medicine

“Never give up, always do your best, persevere, and Be Kind. This is what I learned from my teacher, Gambatte. I would like to propose that with all of our tools and an open mind, we can successfully practice patient based, team building medicine and achieve high quality, pain free living for our friends.”

1:00pm – Marci CagenConnecting with YOUR Angels

You have powerful and loving guardian angels that want to help you create the life you desire and deserve. They are with you always and they are ready to communicate with you, if you will only ask and listen. In this enlightening and entertaining workshop, Marci Cagen will guide you through several steps to create a greater connection with your Angels and Guides. You will learn to communicate with your angels and discover how they can assist you in your everyday life with relationships, career and manifesting your heart’s desire. Are you ready?

2:00pm – Kris Vaughan, CH – Plant Medicine – Connecting our Mind, Body, and Spirit

For centuries, medicine and healing was as much a spiritual practice as it was a chemical one. Traditional people had an intuitive and spiritual connection to the world around them and the plants in their area. In this class we discuss this spiritual connection to botanical medicine and how to embrace it in the world we live in. Learn to develop a relationship with healing plants and access their medicinal and spiritual energy for supporting a healthy life.

3:00pm – Jade DanielsMeditation and Sacred Geometry

Playful and healing, dynamic and quiet…this workshop will weave Meditation, Sacred Geometry and the power of numbers.

As a Spiritual Intuitive and Healer for thirty three years, Jade is an energy accelerator and has worked with thousands of seekers to change their lives for the better.  In this experiential workshop, you will learn techniques to build your energy, open your intuition to your inner messages and practice the power of I AM.

Jade is also available for Intuitive/Tarot readings during the Festival.

4:00pm – Marilyn PoscicChakra (Energy centers) Understanding / Grounding and Protection Class

Ever Feel; Out of balance, wake up in a bad mood, Have trouble expressing yourself, Don’t feel well either emotionally or physically, Don’t feel Loved or need more love? Ever feel like there is something in your home or others that doesn’t feel right? Go to a party, a friend’s house, in public, for a drive, and you have a strange feeling that something bad is going to happen?  You ever meet someone, and for no apparent reason you don’t like that person. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up?

Join nationally known Angel Messenger/Medium/Author/Spiritual Mentor, Marilyn Poscic, help you understand the energy centers in your body known as Chakras, locations, colors, disease associated to each chakra. How to balance them to keep you centered, focused, grounded, and healthy, everyday of your life! In addition, you will learn how to protect, not only yourself, but your loved ones, pets, home, car, work, school, whatever you want to protect, to feel safe and secure everyday!

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