Rima Thundercloud

Rima Thundercloud

Rima Thundercloud

Rima Thundercloud’s pieces can’t be explained with words, but felt by the heart. A clear channel and empath, Rima’s creations are guided by universal consciousness specifically for the individuals that her work is supposed to meet and is infused with the very energy and intention that is needed to nourish the greatest expression of this human life.

When you meet Rima’s work, if a piece speaks to your heart – that’s the piece that was intended for you from the first thread woven, stone placed, feather combed. Her collection of Sacred Ceremonial Art includes; visionary jewelry, masks, shields, fans, rattles, drums  – each piece is a spiritual journey originating from tradition, nature, and spirit.

A native elder and wise woman, Rima’s workshop on sacred drumming anchors the vibratory resonance of the spirit world into the physical as a tangible transference of energy that can be felt by both the body and soul. As a fourth generation intuitive empath, Rima also is available for private consultations where she uses her connection to the spirit world to help you find guidance and answers to help you restore balance and harmonize the situations and relationships in your life.

Email: rimathundercloud@gmail.com
Phone: 928.554.4675 or 928.274.6200

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