Rita Rooks

Rita Rooks

Rita Rooks

I am an Intuitive Natural Energy Healer, Licensed Nurse, Health Coach, who helped heal herself through a brain injury with Natural Energy Healing, Reiki, Brain Integration and the Body & Emotion Code. I am dedicating my life to help others heal the natural way, without drugs and covering up the underlying issue. There is an underlying reason for all disease. When we clear our energy channels from blocked energy, physical trauma energy, emotions, toxins, pathogens, misalignments, heart walls, nutrition and lifestyle, our bodies can heal naturally.

I teach Qigong, easy stretch, meditation as well as Reiki Workshops, Energy Information and Demonstrations, Energy Courses, Women’s Moon Gatherings and offer Natural Energy Healing sessions for both distant and in person in Prescott.

My intuitive gifts became more pronounced after my head injuries and I can feel people’s pain, emotions, etc. I quit my nursing career, as I can help people more with natural energy healing and coaching them to health. I have a beautiful healing center off of Willow Creek Rd, and Rosser. I can also help expecting moms, babies in utero, children and animals, both distant and in person. I look forward to helping you and your loved ones soon.

Email: Rita@attunedMasterEnergyHealing.com
Phone: 928.899.3846
Website: AttunedMasterEnergyHealing.com
Facebook: facebook.com/AttunedEnergyHealing

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