Sue Broome

Sue Broome

Sue Broome

Are you seeking answers, guidance and direction for your life right now? If you are, Sue Broome connects with angels, archangels, ascended masters and your angels intuitively using cards to give you what you are looking for. You walk away with answers, energetic tools and feeling empowered. With each reading, you feel the love and healing of the angels shining through. You also feel heard, understood, and met. Ask the angels your questions. They love to offer their loving guidance.

Sue Broome is an intuitive energy healer, Angel Therapy Practitioner and Certified Angel Card reader and teacher. Sue loves to spread the word of angels in her workshops and angel card parties. Embrace your spiritual journey through empowerment and self-healing. She has published Signs From Your Loved Ones. She offers Healing with the Angels sessions, blending ATP, Divine Coding (language of the angels) and Divine Coding Reiki Master techniques.

Listen every Monday to Angel Talk with Sue on Thrive Talk Network. Sue shares her knowledge as a Spiritual Guide, enjoys different guests and also takes questions of the Angels. Mondays, 1pm Eastern. Replays are available on my website, Sue Broome.

Contact for appointments.

Sue is also one of tremendous trio putting on the Expo.

Phone: 608.239.9026
Website: /

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