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Barbara Pearl Justice

Barbara Pearl Justice

Barbara Pearl, aka Mother Pearl Justice, is THE RELATIONSHIP ORACLE™. She has dedicated her life to living as though, the Love and the Light in her life matters. She engages the Love, Light and Diversity that is within her, to relate to the Love, Light and Diversity that is within every person she connects with. She is inspired by love, freedom, and the pursuit of self-realization that says that we can each become anything we put our hearts into, regardless of circumstance, gender, religion, sexual orientation, body size/shape or spiritual aspirations. The common thread that unifies all diversity motivates her. She is a student of the spiritual teachings of Love and Freedom in the works of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. James Martin Peebles and Dr. Maya Angelou, and she considers them to be among her primary guides and mentors.

Barbara Pearl, aka Mother Pearl Justice, is an Advanced Intuitive, a Mystic, an Empath, Psychic Medium, Visionary Artist, a Non-Denomination Spiritual Minister, a workshop and retreat facilitator, coach and upcoming author. Intuitive from birth, her skills and talents for working with people were masterfully developed during the ‘awareness & consciousness’ personal growth movement of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Barbara Pearl is one of the best ‘relationship’ and ‘relating to life’ coaches in America, with 45 years of professional training and a commitment to help others as well as her self, to focus on being the best people that we can be. She is an Entrepreneur and the founder/owner of MPJ Enterprises LLC, a holding company for her diverse business endeavors. As the ‘Oracle of Communication & Human Relations in Business™’, she offers Professional Development & Executive Coaching. And, ‘The Business of You – Be All You Can Be™’ – Life Coaching’ is for individuals who want to make changes in their lives to gain a new perspective about themselves and others.

Internationally known as ‘THE RELATIONSHIP ORACLE™’, she designs and facilitates “YOU TALKING TO ME?” a series of weekend ‘relationship workshops’ that are insightful, powerful, motivational and a whole lot of fun! Additionally she offers group or private ‘non-residential retreats’ for women, committed couples or individuals in Arizona, California, Pennsylvania, Hawaii and South Africa. For 20 years she has had a successful ‘relationship coaching’ practice, and this has inspired her to create a Relationship Mystery School, due to launch on July 22, 2016.

Barbara Pearl describes her work with this definition.

RELATIONS – the art of relating to others and ourselves… SHIPS – our body and vessel that carries our soul’s, so that we may experience what it means to be human, as we are in a dance of constant movement, towards each other or away from each other. We long to share our Heart… which longs to love… and be loved; which longs to be seen, understood and embraced; longs to be recognized and appreciated; longs to matter and make a difference; and longs to be connected to others in a meaningful way. The Universal Law of Cause & Effect’ comes into play as we witness the profound effect that we have on the lives of others. That effect in turn, gives our life a deeper purpose, and a deeper connection with our Spirit, rendering the light within us, which causes us to want to have the experience of ’elation’, over and over and over again.”

With a ‘down to earth’ approach to love & life, she assists you gain a greater appreciation for the phenomenal human being that you are. To her, our eyes are precious orbs of light and love, and they embark on a journey each and every day to see the truth and the beauty in all life. Our human heart has one focus… LOVE. Our heart desires to lovingly help us navigate the ‘ocean of emotions’ within us and our heart truly desires to help us explore safe ways to express the truth of what we are thinking, feeling and sensing. Our hands and our arms long to surrender to the need to touch and be touched by others. ‘Open arms’ represent an ‘open pathway’ to having our heart deeply touched by life. Our lips long to be caressed by all that is good and respectful in life. Our mouths long to communicate our unique expressions and our souls perceptions, which can help us to relax and be more comfortable in our own skin. And our taste buds encourage the joy of tasting the bounties of the Earth, to savor and appreciate the spices and the flavors of life. And lastly, our legs and feet help balance the inner relationship between our life-affirming heart and our massive intellect, which strives to align in purpose, and to honor the divinity within.

Mother Pearl helps you learn how to receive more love. She assists you to become more aware and more conscious, while offering you an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how committed your soul is to having a loving relationship with your unique human diversity. Her work with you enhances your ability to trust and to listen to yourself, to ‘tune in’ to life and all the sounds & melodies of love that your ears want so much to hear. And most importantly, she inspires you to honor your souls’ brave and courageous decision, to have come to what Dr. Peebles expresses as ‘this school called Planet Earth’, to learn that we are connected to and in a relationship with everything that we can see, hear, touch, taste, smell, feel and intuit. Everything is a mirror reflection of you.

This is what Barbara Pearl, aka Mother Pearl Justice, says about herself: “I have worked with thousands of people to nurture and encourage the relationship they have with themselves and others. You are the common denominator in every relationship that you will ever have with a person, place or thing. Participating in any of my services will enhance your love of life!

I also perform ceremonies for anyone who wants to make their relationship more sacred. I perform engagement ceremonies and ceremonies to exchange vows of marriage and/or to renew wedding vows. I help couples in long term relationships to enhance their communication skills, by learning to resolve conflicts with respect and to increase intimacy that promotes a healthy self esteem, making it safe to be one’s self. And I help married couples through those cycles in a relationship when one person or both people begin to change and grow apart, or someone begins to transform into the greater person that they were always going to become in maturity; I help you ‘get back in step’ with each other when you get stuck. And if the need to divorce cannot be rectified, I help you divorce with respect, especially if there are children involved. If I cannot help you save your marriage, I will help you save your self-respect, and to divorce ethically and with integrity.”

“As THE RELATIONSHIP ORACLE™, I have experienced almost every relationship that is possible in life… daughter, granddaughter, sister, wife, mother, auntie, grandmother, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and step-relative, boss, colleague and girlfriend and clairvoyant. There are no relationships perspectives that we can’t talk about. I believe and trust that the relationships we have with each other, serves to documents that we were here; signifies that we matter; confirms that we are an integral part of something greater than ourselves… that our relationship with life and each other acknowledges that we each fit into the overall scheme of life, just like a puzzle piece fits snuggly into its place on the canvas board.”

“I sincerely hope that this eloquently expresses how every person that I have had the good fortune to work with, fits into the canvas of my heart. You matter to me and I love that I matter to you too. Each and every one of us matters… the love we have for each other matters, how we treat one another matters, and the love we have for ourselves matters.”

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