April 29, 2017 – LaQuinta Inns & Suites – Prescott

We will have fabulous speakers offering workshops every hour of the Expo. Information will continue to get updated.

10:00 – Rita Rooks – How to Release Negative Energies

Do you feel like you have negative energies? Rita will show you how to protect yourself, why and how you get them, and how to release them, easily and quickly. She will pick a couple of volunteers to release negative energies from. If you are interested, please let her know before the talk and she will pick you as a volunteer.


11:00 – Karyn Diane – Sound Vibrations for Higher Awareness

It’s all about the Energy with Karyn Diane. She creates a truly amazing and powerful transcendent healing experience with the vibrations and sounds of the crystal bowls and gongs.

The sounds, tones and vibrations experienced during the session along with guided imagery brings one into a deep contemplative state of awareness.

These sound frequencies gently reinforces a return to a balance state of a natural harmonious resonance.


12:00 – Expo Trio – Liz JohnsonMaggie Norton & Sue Broome – Developing your Psychic Abilities

We are all psychic and can learn to enhance our natural gifts. Join Spirit in Motion Expo Trio, Liz Johnson, Maggie Norton and Sue Broome for an experiential workshop to help you develop your psychic abilities. Learn about divination tools and how they can help open doorways to the Higher Self. Experience psychic connection through visualization and meditation. Learn techniques to become aware and use the power of mind intention.


1:00 – Eve AltonTrans-clay-mation

Healing grief through art therapy and meditation. Grief is something we all experience frequently in our lives. It is also something we tend to shy away from looking at and dealing with. 

It can seem overwhelming and scary. I will show you a gentle and healing approach with clay and meditation which is what my workshops offer. I will also share tools with you on how to approach your grief and move through it with love and kindness. This will support grief release no matter what the source of your grief.
I hope to open the door to allow you to choose to heal your grief and offering some tools to better understand it. 


2:00 – Lewis Tucker – Avatars Anonymous – Twelve Steps for Embracing Your Divine Self

Many of us have grown up with the belief that we are not enough and that we need to do, be and possess more to be worthy. This mistaken identity drives us to try to fill ourselves from the outside with drugs, money, relationships, sex and work to name a few. The steps of Avatars Anonymous offers us a path out of this cycle towards self love and divine expression.


3:00 – Kris Vaughan – The Wisdom of Healing with Plants

From the beginning of time, plants were an essential and sacred part of life. They offered their healing powers in the form of food, medicine, and guiding spirits. In this workshop Kris Vaughan, CH presents some modern ways we can access the ancient wisdom and healing power of plants. She will introduce you to some of practical ways you can begin using plants in your own healing journey.


4:00 – Jamie ClarkReunions

Come and experience the phenomenon of direct spirit contact. Jamie Clark, a natural born spirit medium, will convey needed messages from your loved ones and friends that have graduated to the other side. In this group setting, he will communicate love and information that will heal your soul. Many people gain insight and closure to unresolved issues as well as receive information about possible upcoming events in their lives.
*Individual readings are not guaranteed in this group setting.* Enjoy a special evening of reuniting with your loved ones.